Monday, February 14, 2011

Intake vs. Output

There is an imbalance that must be addressed. Here's my confession: I'm a taker. I spend much of my free time consuming the work of others, in the forms of music, writing, movies, pictures, and projects that make me think "Huh! I could do that!" but I totally don't. Especially the writing. Not that anyone is sitting around, feeling a dearth in their level of fulfillment that will only be corrected by my contributions, but I think it's time that I give a little bit back. That's what this project is about. 

I've done this before. I've started to write, even put out a few things I liked, but I've never taken the next step and actually let anyone know that it was there. Correction: I have told a few people, but only those who have already seen me do plenty of embarrassing things over the years, and still seem to care and enjoy my company. Perhaps because I also have dirt on them? (MARY) 

Regardless, it's time to quit being a chicken, take a big girl step, and put something out there, in the hopes that it can make someone happy from time to time. I'll post often as I can, about this and that - stories that might be interesting, links that turn my head, and plenty of stuff about Sam. A bit of output, if you will, to counter that imbalance as it currently sits

1 comment:

  1. WOOT WOOT!!! the Dirt train has left the building!

    Seriously though - this is a LONG time coming for you, my talented best friend. Yet another beautiful "output" of your motherhood...Way to inspire, Sam!